Precision Colour in Cambridge

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Colour can make all the difference.

With over 200 Wella shades to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Our highly trained specialists will work with you to arrive at a look which will complement your skin tone, face shape and cut to give you a whole new you!

All colour and highlight prices include blow dry and Wella treatment. Add £23, for short hair or £24 for long hair. Don’t forget to use our online gallery to inspire your choice of new hair colour.

Root Colour £58.00 £63.00
Gloss £53.00 £68.00
Full Head Permanent £64.00 £74.00
Colour Correction Consultation required
Highlights - T Section £58.00 £68.00
Highlighs - Half Head £73.00 £88.00
Highlighs - Full Head £90.00 £108.00
Highlighs - Half Head Balayage £83.00 £93.00
Highlighs - Full Head Balayage £98 £113.00